XL. iconv functions


This module contains an interface to the iconv library functions. The Iconv library functions convert files between various character sets encodings. The supported character sets depend on iconv() implementation on your system. Note that iconv() function in some system is not work well as you expect. In this case, you should install libiconv library.


You must have iconv() function in standard C library or libiconv installed on your system. libiconv library is available from http://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/.


To be able to use the functions defined in this module you must compile your PHP interpreter using the configure line --with-iconv.

Futásidejű beállítások

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Erőforrás típusok

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Előre definiált állandók

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iconv_get_encoding -- Get current setting for character encoding conversion
iconv_set_encoding -- Set current setting for character encoding conversion
iconv -- Convert string to requested character encoding
ob_iconv_handler -- Convert character encoding as output buffer handler